Phase 2 - Reconnecting to Madeley Branch

To complete the railway line from Horsehay, to connect to Network Rail’s Line to Ironbridge, Telford Steam Railway needs to:-

  • Extend to Doseley (2019)
  • Secure planning permission for the line from Doseley to Lightmoor.
  • Install a Bridge accross A4169
  • Lay Track from Doseley to Lightmoor.

Below we outline each stage. 


Stage 1 - Extend to Doseley (2019)

Upgrade the track from Horsehay towards Doseley that is already in place. It is planned that we will complete this in 2019 with the use of contractors. This will allow the railway to offer customers a 3 mile round trip.

The opening of the extension to Lawley doubled the number of passengers using the railway. It is hoped that this will happen again once complete.

Stage 2 - Install a Bridge!

Once we recieve planning permission for the line from Doseley to Lightmoor we will install two level crossings and then a bridge across the A4169 - the bridge deck has already been supplied by Network Rail and is stored at Horsehay Yard.

Telford and Wrekin Council Highways department have completed a survey of the bridge and the proposed site and has confirmed both are suitable.

Once this is complete we will lay track from Doseley to Lightmoor.

TSR already leases the signal box at Lightmoor Junction from Network Rail for future use, when operating the extended railway.  The box is currently under restoration after suffering an arson attack, this has given TSR the opportunity to turn the clock back by restoring many of its lost original features.

Phase 3 - Steaming to Ironbridge

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