Phase 3 - Steaming to Ironbridge!

The main goal of ‘Steaming to Ironbridge’ is to create a Park and Ride steam service to serve the Ironbridge Gorge.

The closure of Ironbridge Power Station and its redevelopment by the Harworth Group offers a once in a life time opportunity to make that goal a reality, and TSR believes it is now well placed to achieve their aims.

As the development is still at its early planning stages and with many stakeholders involved it is hard to predict what our projects final outcome will look like. TSR will work hard to achieve its ambitions and hope it can work in partnership with the other stakeholders to achieve theirs.


Network Rail - Ironbridge Branch

Should the branch become redundant TSR would like to gain access to this line from Madeley Jct to the power station site. There are several options for this, it could be via a lease from Network Rail (NR), joint venture with local authority or an outright purchase by TSR.

Access to this line unlocks huge potential for future activities and special events. Maintaining the existing connection to NR’s main line also offers the opportunity to bring in rail tours from around the country or offer a limited passenger service to Ironbridge.

If a car park site could be found at the north end of the line adjacent to Stafford Park, an additional park and ride facility could be introduced alongside the planned site at Lawley.

If the line is still planned to be used by NR there is an option of using the second track from Lightmoor to the power station.

Stations could be provided at Lightmoor, the Museum of Iron, the Greenwood Centre and the Rowing Club.

Network Rail Ironbridge Branch is shown in Orange on the Google Map.

Power Station Site

TSR would like to retain the current ‘railway’ land for railway use.

TSR would not require any other facilities on site (loco sheds/storage/car parks/etc) as it already has these facilities elsewhere, the power station site would a destination rather than the operational centre.

Stations could be placed at the Buildwas end of the site to serve Buildwas Abbey and a station in the centre of the site on what is currently the oil sidings. This station would have road access to allow interconnection to the road for coaches to access the town of Ironbridge or onward journeys. This station could also serve as an interchange with the planned tramway to Ironbridge (see next section).

Thought should also be given to preserving the coal unloading facilities as a museum. TSR already owns both a loco and rolling stock that used to work at this site that could be displayed there. The museum could tell the story of the history of the Ironbridge Power Station.

The Line through the Harworth Site is shown in Purple and the proposed Tramway Line in yellow on the Google Map

Phase 4 - Proposed Tramway

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