Phase 4 - Tramway

Telford Steam Railway proposes a narrow gauge tramway from its planned central station at the power station to Ironbridge along the old disused Severn Valley railway route. This would connect the park and ride element of the scheme from Lawley/Madeley Jct to the town of Ironbridge.

The steam tram was originally commissioned by Telford Development Corporation for use in the Telford Town Park, the project in the park failed and the tram was moved to Telford Steam Railways Horsehay site and currently operates on a short track along side Horsehay pool. This could be moved again to Ironbridge to expand the trams operation and audience.

The proposed Tramway Line is shown in Yellow on the Google Map


Why Narrow Gauge?

The route is currently used as a foot path / bridal way and a tram could share this space with the other users. The viaduct along this route would not need as extensive renewal/maintenance due to the much lower weight of narrow gauge vehicles compared to full sized railway vehicles.

A tram would require minimal station space in Ironbridge that would leave the main car park intact, a standard gauge line would require most of the car park as a station site.

A Sustainable Future

Telford Steam Railway already has a steam tram that could be used to operate this line.  Additional rolling stock would be required and this could be steam, diesel or electric traction. An electric vehicle could be charged from a turbine in the river, and steam could be fired on coppice wood briquettes grown in the gorge, meaning the trams could be powered by the gorge in a sustainable way!


Benefits to All

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